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Robert at Nara Park

Rena & Stephen Married

and some old
family snapshots

Robert surprise party at 56


Uncle Eddie, my Mom Irene, Grandma, and Aunt Marion
circa late '40's

Tehchinh & Qinqin (Sam Hisieh and his new wife)

Going clockwise from the left
Great Grandma, Aunt Stella, Uncle Lenny, cousin Lenny, Cousin Billy holding the baseball card, Great Aunt Stella?, and cousin Terry in green.

Uncle Lenny with Lenny Jr., Aunt Mary, Uncle Fred, Aunt Carry, Aunt Marion, Grandpa Gozdziewski, perhaps cousin Steven, the youngest cousin Billy and cousin Terry with Uncle Steve.

Aunt Stella on the far left, cousin Debbie, sister Nancy, my Mom Irene, cousin Steve,cousin Terry holding a fat cat, and me Robert in the red tie.

Strong Woman Stock, a four generation snapshot

Nara Deer Park with Gemma and Kai

Hiking above Daimon-ji


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