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Bali & Beyond 2004

Let me share with you my perspective as a Goose living in the Far East. Let me talk a bit, about what an American finds here that may be of interest to spiritual seekers from the West. Also let me share how my home presently acts as a Wild Goose Center for visiting Energy trainers.

Michael Barnett’s work came to Asia via Deepen a dozen years ago. Deepen established a center called ‘Hangman’ in his apartment in the forested hills of north Kyoto. There he and his lover Sasha, later to be Goose named Machi, held weekly Sunday sessions. We practiced Diamond Yoga and Energy Work techniques, learned by Deepen in frequent training trips to Europe.

From this modest yet always dynamic beginning came Geese like Junita (practicing Tibetan-style Buddhist nun), Anaketta (who soon stole away Machi from Deepen), Mark (now working with Body Electric erotic massage), and Mishra ( practicing healing arts in the South West USA). All of us would eventually visit Energy World in France, to meet Michael, and join the greater Goose community. Even now new recruits sprinkle in, like Masika last summer and Simoni in Bali 2004. Each has found ways to incorporate our learning and love of Energy Work into our lives.
All of us live a life woven from silk threads drawn from the worms of this sensuous Orient… This blender of spiritual nuance that awaits anyone willing to venture over… into a Varuni Outback, a Bali retreat with MB, or a Dalando hosted Kyoto experience.
My own recent work here began as an antidote to my wife’s suicide four years ago. I took my two children first to Australia for an Outback tour with Varuni and Rafo, followed by my first Bali event with Michael. Inspired by the healing power and hard-love growth I experienced, I invited Varuni to come and work with our family of friends here in Japan.

Varuni’s visit was extraordinarily successful for each of us. Though the numbers are not significant to make importing teachers economically practical, the love and personal growth, generated by Varuni’s visit, made the personal sacrifices a valuable donation of poignant pleasure.
There is easy cross-fertilization between this land of Chi and European exuberance, which makes all both karmic and inevitable. This spring, our Golden Week in Japan May 1-5, Mushin will come and share his expertise to our modest yet enthusiastic flock. An act of generosity for all those involved, a source of sacred bonding and deeper healing.

There is something here that cannot be described without risking cliché. Asia is powerfully unique in her myriad of temperaments and contrast to all that is Western. From Siberia to Tasmania there is a mystery that begs reflection on all our cultural assumptions. Something odd always in the scent, the tilt of the head, and the glow at sunset... something of a gem just out of reach.
Opiate and seductress once bitten by this spider a man can only linger. Asia siphons the soul, with her deliberate ambiguities, her raw sweaty smells, and her haunting history. Peering up from the mud, below every lyrical lily pod, is the eyes of our spiritual heritage. Jainism, Mohammedanism, Buddhism, Taoism, Vedantism, mingle with one million tribal insights cut into the faces of our breathing billions.

We are the fermented jungles, the hallowed dessert stone, the wind swept beaches, and the acid-stinging Asian metropolis. There is no bookmark place for the experiential being alive in the East. No powder laden boudoir sensuality that can compare to the hot and heavy sexuality, our violent underpinning, our cryptic cynicism lurking below broad white-toothed grins and wide-open pupils.

While angst is the angry householder in the hearts of the European, love of life inside contradiction, where death and danger sleep side by side with pragmatic goals of food and fornication, is the totem of our Asian kinsmen.
We are insignificant spokes on massive turning wheels here where life is as common as sand. We are grasping monkeys revealing folly in each of our endeavors, yet we are precious to our humble families and adorably charming in the way we live out our mortal illusion.

To know Asia is to have a wisp of what has been written, clue to what has yet to be forgotten, and a heartbeat synced to the eternity of our humanity. Inference is our holy vow, whispered in exotic tongues, to sleeping companions. We conceive fully conscious of the contradictions. We are living Dharma at the door of our destiny, lost and in love with our losing.

Come. One of us will always be here, a stalk of bamboo bowing to your typhoon, a soft wet fleshy figure heaving deep breaths in anticipation of your touch.
Come to taste Asia and you may find yourself, like Dalando, consumed alive by darling little cannibals…
a human sacrifice to tough love, survival in paradise.
Love always, Dalando

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