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Lov-e has been envolved with online education experiments since 1999. Just for fun, let's revisit some of these experiments and see how much the internet has changed these last 12 years.

In the 'early days' of the internet, circa 2000, students needed to learn the basics. Before search engines came of age, link pages were a key learning tool and, in my classes, we created hundreds.

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Now-a-days young people are web savvy.
'Just Google it' is part of our daily vernacular,
Email is second nature, and we no longer need portals between us and content.

Experiments continued to include new technological formats,
like web pages built for mobile phones.
Focusing on social networking language acquisition, via audio and text messaging, learning has personal relevance.
Dalando's Dharma Deli
The goal remains empowerment.
Making the communicative aspect of the web a priority,
combining the democratization of information with a new freedom of interpersonal expression, the hope is students can step out of their cultural bubbles and build networks for stimulating learning.

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