The Fox
and the Hound

Running Time: 83 Minutes

Walt Disney's 24th full-length animated film,
The Fox And The Hound is the story of
two best friends who didn't know
they were supposed to be enemies.

A lonely widow adopts an orphaned
fox cub named Tod.
The mischievous fox soon
meets up with Copper,
an adorable hound puppy.
As the innocent pair play
and frolic in the forest,
they become inseparable friends.

But as Tod and Copper grow older,
they also grow apart...
until the day their friendship
is put to the ultimate test.

There are two concurrent themes
we can discus in this film,
which parallel current events in America.

Friendship over Prejudice

Firstly, is the theme of friendship. . . how relationships can evolve in our lives, and in ways that reflect the social values of our communities.
In the innocence of youth,
children will not distinguish among their friends in terms of religion, social class, or race.
Children will notice differences
but as all of life is new these differences are more wonder than trouble.
Only later, after the child has been socialized by their parents, school, and public opinion
will they start to learn prejudice
and begin to judge people by their social status, religion, and race.

How can parents help their children to be openly loving and friendly to others,
while preparing them for the complex social structures they will meet in the 'real' world of adults?

An American Way of Life

People from other countries sometimes find America's love affair with guns both fascinating and a bit terrifying.

On one side is the quaint folksy hunter,
one with nature, as he continues a family autumn tradition. To the hunter, guns are both a sport and a cultural skill, bonding men in an ancient past time, while keeping each ready to defend his loved ones in times of emergency.

This romantic image parallels another, in which inner city gangs fight each other with automatic weapons. . . high school students settle grudges with arsenals of weaponry. . . and thousands are killed every year in the USA by guns.

Both Disney Classics, Bambi and The Fox and the Hound, highlight the animal's point of view to hunting. How do you feel about hunting? Gun ownership? The right to bear arms?

Here are web sites that express an opinion on these issues:


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