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This is a Disney love story but in true Walt fashion the story is about two dogs, a rather well breed cocker spaniel named Lady and her street mutt sweetheart Tramp. The charm of this film is this mix of two kinds of puppy love, one our love of adorable dogs and the other our own memories of innocent youthful romance.

A Romantic Meal for Two

Have you ever had a truly romantic dinner?

If yes, can you describe the experience?
Do you remember how the other person looked?
How did you look? Did you laugh?

If not.... If you were to plan a special night out
with someone you love, What would you do?
How would you dress? Describe the whole evening.

He's a Tramp is a song that tries to capture Lady's fascination for her new love. This character type is common in stories. We see it in Westerns where the sexy hero rides of into the sunset, or in the sailor who has a girl in every port. What is the fascination of women for men who can not be domesticated, men who freely come and go?

Can you describe your feelings about romance?

Is it dangerous, foolish, wonderful, crazy?

Do you believe in lasting love?

Are there different kinds of love?

Do different cultures treat love differently?

Is heartbreak the natural conclusion of love?

Have you ever felt your heart aching for someone?

When was the last time you felt strongly for someone?

Was it true love?

Lady & the Tramp in the moonlight

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When our Lady comes into her new home there is trouble. Two very crafty Siamese cats have plans of their own. Have you ever experienced Siamese cats, does this song convey their personality?

The Siamese Cat Song

Music and Lyrics
by Sony Burke and Peggy Lee
Performed by Peggy Lee
Cats names: Si and Am

We are Siameeiz if you pleeiz
We are Siameeiz if you don't please
We are former residents of Siam
There are no finer cats than we am

We are Siamese
with very dainty claws
Please observing paws
containing dainty claws
Now we lookin' over
our new domicile
If we like we stay for maybe
quite a while

He's a Tramp

Music and Lyrics
by Sony Burke and Peggy Lee
Performed by Peggy Lee

He's a tramp
But I love him
Breaks a new heart
Ev'ry day

He's a tramp
They adore him
And I only hope
He'll stay that way

He's a tramp
He's a scoundrel
He's a rounder
He's a cad

He's a tramp
But I love him
Yes, and even I
Have got it pretty bad

You can never tell
When he'll show up
He gives you
Plenty of trouble

I guess he's just a
No 'count pup
But I wish that he
Were double

He's a tramp
He's a rover
And there's nothing
More to say

If he's a tramp
He's a good one
And I wish that I
Could travel his way