The Lion KingRoyal Simba
The animals greet their Prince
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An abbreviated quote from the video jacket. . . " In the African Serengeti, this epic coming-of-age saga tells of the love between a proud lion ruler, Mufasa, and his lion cub son Simba - a naive and curious cub who "just can't wait to be king." Out from the shadows prowl Simba's envious Uncle Scarand his hyena henchmen, Ed, Banzai, and Shenzi (Whoopi Goldberg).

Their scheming for the throne leads to tragedy . . .and Simba's exile from the kingdom he should rightfully rule.Befriended by the warmhearted warthog Pumbaa and his manic meerkat companion, Timon, Simba forgets his regal responsibilities and adopts the carefree lifestyle
of "Hakuna Matata."

But can Rafiki, a wise mystic baboon, help Simba reclaim his true destiny in the "circle of life"?

Elton JohnRafiki

Elton John, lyricist Tim Rice & scores by Hans Zimmer
combined to create the soundtrack.

Pumbaa and Timon teach Simba a new philosophy called Hakuna Matata. Timon's view suggests letting life take its own course.

Remember the Paul McCartney & John Lennon Beatles tune Let it Be? Is there a philosophical parallel in these two songs Hakuna Matata and Let it Be?
What do you think of the view projected in these songs?

PAUL circa-1994:
"One night during this tense time I had a dream
I saw my mum, who'd been dead ten years or so.
And it was great to see her
because that's a wonderful thing about dreams,
you actually are reunited with that person for a second...
In the dream she said, 'It'll be all right.'
I'm not sure if she used the words 'Let it be'
but that was the gist of her advice,
it was 'Don't worry too much, it will turn out okay.'
It was such a sweet dream I woke up thinking,
'Oh, it was really great to visit with her again.'
I felt very blessed to have that dream."
Paul McCartney

This is a story about an imaginary Kingdom.
What do you feel about the idea of inherited position?
Do you believe in any religious or political monarchies?
Are the sultans, emperors, kings, and other form of hereditary government a good idea in your view?

What are the lessons about life in the movie Lion King?
Does this movie provide a good role model for children?

How does your relationship with your father
compare with that of Simba and Mufasa?