running time: 90 minutes

Aladdin, his pet monkey Abu, and Princess Jasmine
ride their magic carpet as Genie looks on

Aladdin became a #1 film in the year it was released, winning Best Song and Best Score
at the Academy Awards for Alan Menken and Tom Rice's "A Whole New World,"
the song we hear as Aladdin and Jasmine zoom around the world
on their special magic carpet first date.

Agrabah, the mythical city where Jasmine's dad is Sultan,
has a rule where a princess must marry a prince.
What are your feelings about marrying outside your social position?
Should people marry someone from a different caste, class, religion, or race?
What is the custom in your family, are you permitted to marry anyone you want?
What are the advantages of marrying people within the same group, the disadvantages?

Aladdin is a street smart peasant, an orphan living on the streets of Agrabah.
He steals to survive.What do you feel about this?
Should he have his hand cut off, as is custom in Muslim cultures,
because of his habitual stealing? What should society do with homeless street children
who steal, beg, or do other crimes to survive?

Jafar, the evil sorcerer, and his wisecracking pet parrot, Iago, represent a phenomena
in which an advisor close to a leader uses their influence to effect change
for their own selfish interests.
Has there been a case in your own country's history
where an influential advisor has corrupted
or wickedly directed your national leader?

This is an ancient story retold in many cultures of a young man
who finds a magical way to achieve his dreams.Is there other magic stories about
achieving your wishes that you know? If you had a magic lamp with three wishes,
what would you wish for?

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