Disney invites educators and students to join them in Walt Disney Pictures'
"Fantasia/2000 - The IMAX Experience®."
To commemorate this event, The Walt Disney Studios commissioned award-winning curriculum specialists and a panel of educators to develop an array of educational materials -
the "Fantasia/2000" Teacher Resource Guides.
Because the scope of the educational opportunities surrounding "Fantasia/2000" is so broad, they found it necessary to produce not one but four guides. They deal with the following subjects: Music, Art, Communication/Technology, and Advanced Technology. Each complementary guide contains lesson plans, reproducible activity masters, and background materials for students in elementary, middle and high school as well as college.
The teaching strategies contained in these guides will engage your students in active learning and discovery as they begin to experience and appreciate some of the world's finest music and art brought to life by state-of-the-art technology in "Fantasia/2000."
"Fantasia/2000" Teacher Resource Guides are now available below to download and copy.

The following files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download.

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Trivia for Fantasia (1940) from Disneymania

The Sorceror in "The Sorceror's Apprentice" is named "Yen Sid'' which is ``Disney'' spelt backwards.

The demon in "Night on Bald Mountain'' was supposedly modeled on Bela Lugosi.

It was named "Chernobog'' after the god of evil in Slavonik mythology.

A segment featuring Claude Debussy's "Clair de Lune'' was animated but cut.

The soundtrack was re-recorded for the film's 50th anniversary.