Exploring the Characters
as they are portrayed in the Disney
rendition of Lewis Carroll's
Alice in Wonderland

This book has been explored a great deal on film in a variety of countries. Visit the Alice in Wonderland - Archive to see just how much.
Reading the original is by far the most rewarding way to know Alice and her creator.

The Complete Stories of Lewis Carroll is available on line or you can enjoy the book at home by printing out the pages or buying one of the many illustrated versions.

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To compare the Disney version to the original is always interesting but there is also a great deal to be learned by expressing our gut reactions to the various characters as they appear in Disney.

Consider how you feel about each character and share any experiences you may have had with these types in your own life and fantasies:

Alice had the voice of Kathryn Beaumont . Look at the snapshots of Kathryn at this site, she looks a bit like the animated character because, in fact, she was the model, as she also was in her other famous voice role as Wendy in Peter Pan.

Discuss the Characters:

How do you feel about Alice and her imagination, did you have such dreams as a child?

What did you feel about the teacher? How lucky for Alice to have such a gentle and patient teacher, have you known one like her?

Is the "Late I'm Late. . ." rabbit like anyone you know?

And what of the talking doorknob?
Only Disney could put so much character into a knob.

How did you feel about Tweedledum and Tweedledee? Two strangely haunting characters for me, but it was the Cheshire Cat that truly haunted my childhood dreams? Is he evil or lovable or both? Why does he keep getting Alice into trouble? Is he really helping her?

The Caterpillar who we see transformed into an equally grumpy butterfly, have you known such a bug in human form?

What of the Mad March Hare and his tea party friend the Mad Hatter? . . . And the strange hook beaked bird who leads the caucus race? Do they resemble real people in your life?

The Queen of Hearts and her obedient and obliging little King, do these characters represent a certain type of couple found in the real world? Is there a queen like this somewhere in your life today?

Did any other characters interest you in this film?

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