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Autumn 2006
Weight Gain

We arrived back to Japan, from the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in August... in time for my teaching and the children's next term. I managed to enjoy walking most days or exercising at home before my classes started, but now find long walks less likely while working and maintaining our busy home life.

The weight low I reached at 112 kilo could not be maintained and I have steadily climbed back to my frequent medium weight of 120.

This was due in part because I and my children preferred not to live on the minimalist diet of the Wigmore Institute. [See images to the left of the institute's cleansing diet courtesy of our classmate Janice]...

...But more so because, I have quickly resumed many of my old dietary patterns. In particular, eating too much too fast and preferring a busy though sedimentary lifestyle.

I still empathize fully with the philosophical integrity of a vegan diet, and I have personally confirmed the health advantages... yet there is a cultural vacuum I continue to experience between the radical minimizing of the raw vegan whole food lifestyle and that of our present more eclectic preferences. My heart, mind, and stomach differ in my day by day choices.

I do not really know of a way in which we can embrace even a fully vegetarian existence, that would not exclude us from all of the many social and cultural joys of life here in Japan. I know it is possible, because there are vegetarians here, yet I sense I am too far from the ethical commitment that would be necessary to make a full transition away from my present oral pleasures.

I read animal rights and vegan text and listen to the numerous podcasts on the subject, yet as with anti-capital punishment and anti-abortion rhetoric, while I understand the sentiment, my gut reaction is to maintain the status quo of subjective gut-emotions. My lusty desires are presently winning out over my sense of duty toward other sentient souls.

This is a tough confession to make, as any inclusion of dairy, eggs, and meat into my diet also puts a serious toll on my health... yet, in all honesty, I have not had much success in making a full transition, or even a respectable partial transition, to a more spiritually grounded vegetarian diet.

I am, though, not willing to give up the battle. I have learned a great deal in this year of self-education, into the ethics and nutritional variables underlying my weight problem. I have invested much time and resources in finding a solution and do not want to give up the struggle. Therefore I am again resuming a proactive stance and returning to this personal forum.

There are less than eight weeks left to the new year and I want to again focus on weight loss, utilizing this web-based diary and whatever will power I can begin to muster... To again reach toward my below 100 kg goal.