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Exercise Essentials

There is tremendous potential in stopping the wheel of unrestricted consumption of processed food and meat products. With a conscientious attempt to moderate sugar and caffeine addictions the spinning madness of compulsive behavior can be slowed down to a crawl and I can again feel empowered.

But after being obscenely overweight, I was so burdened with physical symptoms, full participation in most physical activities seems still mere conjecture. The most practical beginning place, though even this proved painful, was to start walking.

The recent loss of first water weight and next some body fat gave encouragement. In my case a back support waist band was necessary, as even a few blocks of walking created discomfort. The brace helped redistribute my weight enough to relieve an overtaxed backbone and begin to recreate a healthy posture.

Feeling terribly self conscious initially, I needed to invest in a home treadmill. The thought of a health club or puffing on the streets in my neighborhood was just too embarrassing. As my weight continues to decrease and my stamina increase I have found scenic places in the greater community to walk. At times I even find myself enjoying my new found physical freedom enough to smile at passing strangers.

The treadmill mixed with my outside walking is the ideal mix for this single dad. When home chores have me busy, I can take treadmill breaks of 10 to 20 minutes, and combine this with my work walk breaks, to achieve my present goal of one hour a day of aerobic exercise. It is not Olympic training, but it is a start, and clearly I get stronger everyday.

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