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Fat Man

by Robert L. Seltman

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12 Days in an Obesity Clinic
Kyoto University Hosptial
3/24>4/4 2006

There is no need to think of Obesity as a disease. Once you have crossed that threshold, a myriad of symptoms will rain from within, and you will know what disease is.

Health is like clean air and water, only in absence missed. Hate pain? Lose body fat. Love your freedom? Move every muscle in your body, every chance you get. Gout, hypertension, heart trouble, liver lament, joint pain, diabetes, professional stigmatization, social shame, and perpetual discomfort await the overweight.

Fat is not what you want for a first-impression, or as statistical data on your permanent record. It costs more, to be a slave to your metabolical conditioning... more in pain and suffering, both physical and emotional, than it does to run, reach, and stretch.

Though we can eat what we want, and avoid almost all physical exertion, our 'lack of motion with over-consumption' ticks toward doom like a time bomb... A contemporary morality play performed atop our soul.
Fat is not something you can fix later. By then you will be too busy, monitoring your insulin or mopping up the tears from another failed relationship.

Conquering our own culture is our calling. Resisting the commercial greed that tempts us, with both labor saving efficiency and excessive consumption, is the task of all world citizens blessed with options.

It is our generation's responsibility to fight back. The solutions are simple, but apparently not easy. Every social strata, in all developed countries, are fighting an obesity epidemic never before witnessed in history. Will it take an economic meltdown to reverse this plague?

Our instincts for survival have been shrouded in a media generated mellay of tweaked senses and distorted descriptors. Madison Avenue makes us hungry for the genetically modified white dust of sugar and saturated deliverence from the very same tedium they create.

We eat animals we would pity, if we took the time to see these drug ladden misshapen victims at the door of our slaughter houses. We eat pasty nutritionally-void filler, as if plastering our arteries could somehow whitewash the emptiness we feel inside.

We live like livestock destined for sausage, in our industrialized variants of cubical cages. From the intoxicating idiot box we now watch, more than any activity besides sleep, to the obsessive avoidance of movement, outside our physical perimeter of convenience, as if we were fowl egg-layers of no consequence.

When do you reach up and behind you, except to adjust your pillow and turn off the night light? How often do we climb a tree for fruit, gather from the ground, or stalk our pray? More likely, we drive to a window and order more calories... More calories than we could have burned even back then, when we still hopped, skipped, and jumped.

The solution is carved in stone. Energy consumed = energy expended, all else is just plain fat. When it comes to creating energy, all calories are created equal. When it comes to preserving our dignity, and natural physical grace, only one captain can sail this ship.

We must take full responsibility for what we eat and how much we move. Our personal liberty and pursuit of happiness is in the balance... And the scales tip in time,
dependent on our choices.


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