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Diet Commentary 2006

A dietary supplment
of free information.
You Don't Wanna Hear It, But It's True
What we say inside when we lay low

A gentle light flake snow settles me in here in the mountains. I've swept the steps but I'll need to do it again soon. I don't want to go anywhere and a few inches of snow is as good an excuse as any. Someone's got to be here to sweep the steps.

I'd miss this snow if I retired to the tropics. Maybe I'm not going anywhere.

I've taken the initiative to check out my heart at the university hospital. After all, I qualify as high risk; obese, high blood pressure, gout, dad has a pacemaker, sedimentary life-style, arthritis, predilection for fatty foods...

The word from the available women is "I'm handsome, if I'd just lose some weight..." So since I am not going to lose any weight any time soon, I'll stay home and watch through my window as the snow silently falls.

I thought I'd use this time to exercise and diet. I did make some gentle steps toward walking with occasional brief but brisk jogging, but not nearly enough to move this mountain around my waist. The diet has been even less promising. More often than not, I am eating as an emotional reaction to my checkmated self-image.

No faith nor hope, just the misguided charity of self-indulgent consumption and a classical dieter's nightmare of disbelief. I do not trust myself to do the right thing, but I completely trust myself to grumble, wallow, and wait.
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Robert L. Seltman