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One New Age Baby Boomer's Mid-Drift Crisis

Diet Commentary 2004

Enthusiasm, to be inspired, to be grounded in the God within. Without it, diets fail.

Dieting is life style. A poor diet is an error of life style with consequences. A healthy relationship with exercise and appropriate consumption is a healthier, longer, and more enjoyable life. Nothing could be simpler and yet nothing is more elusive to so many people today.

My last year and a half of documenting my diet has been painfully informative. The pain is a natural outcome of finally facing directly the daily choices I make, choices that allow me to maintain an overweight carcass despite all the reasons not to. Staying fat is an expensive, time consuming, addiction and it has been painfully amusing to watch the song and dance I perform everyday to maintain my obesity. Staying thin is an expensive, time consuming, contradiction and it has been painfully amusing to see what lengths I will go to retain my ineffective patterns, despite a golden path of good intentions.

I am not a comedian by trade, though, like all fat people, the absurdity of my behavior, the awkwardness of my dysfunctional bulk, and my own embarrassment with myself is enough to generate gaff from the friendliest of folk. To both maintain dignity and a sense of humor, fat people need to build a life style which will keep themselves moving, some kind of exercise, while retreating away from addictive behavior, to stop over eating the wrong food.

Left alone at the bar, even the most resolute alcoholic will succumb. For the food addict, every home, office, and public space has a snack bar calling from the corner. Only well structured life style choices can take the emphasis away from expedient deprecation through carbohydrate satiation, and replace it with fun alternatives. To find patterns of enthusiasm, a world filled with divine inspiration, is the pathfinder goal of all new age map makers.

Life style in our fifties is a series of steps, either left or right, but both ending in death. One is a death with some resemblance of dignity, some glow of self direction and integrity, the other is a death from neglect. Not to see how our old patterns have undermine our potential is a cowards delusion, to witness the mess we are in and then clean house is still just a preliminary step before the door of serious philosophical implications.

Creating enthusiasm, maintaining enthusiasm, being enthusiastic, are all hard earned skills of a Master. Being a Master of our life style is, in my opinion, the only way to stay alive in these times of delicious decadence and plenty. Reworking the way we work, and rediscovering how to play in a fully embodied way, is the challenge. Not to meet this challenge is a one way ticket to an early grave in a body that stands witness to your sins.

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