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Dalando's "View from the Mountain"

Fall 10/19/2003

There is no hiding place from the mind. So a truce must be managed, balanced between breathing and freaking out. For this, therapy and new age management allocates a posture for deep breathing and a room for pillow beating. I tend to agree with Thich Nhat Hanh and the Dalai Lama, that a gentler but more disciplined self-analysis, seasoned with persistent good vibes, is far better than the Republican New Right's approach of alienation and confrontation.

Yet we do feel at siege endlessly, don't we! Imprisoned by our own mental projections and expectations, we can often feel as insane and reactionary as the politicians we love to hate.

We want to stand tall. We want to be a good example for our children. We want to be accepted as cool, relevant, pleasantly accessible, yet defiantly ethical, when push comes to shove. No wonder we get nuts on our brittle bridge... On our final peak passage, where there is more foot prints behind us than places to gain footing ahead.

We are the leaders, in our New Orlean style funeral... Blue beatniks, Jazz dancing down pass our favorite drink and drug joints in a voodoo parade to our Catholic and old Jew grave yards. We are the baby boomer walking dead, in our own Grade B rental DVD. Cornerstones of a New Age mausoleum, fading wall flower children decorating contemporary landscape as a monument to ancient Sixties platitudes. We continue to preach sacred verse of peace, love, and happy defiance, dedicating our death march to whoever walks next in faded jeans and forlorn polyester.

Tomorrow we will go again to work, at least those of us not forced into retreat by disease, professional obsolescence, or fatigue. We will fight our addictions to rage, stimulating highs, demoralizing lows, and digital distractions. We will moderate our lusts and lethargy, in order to let our prayer for peace, our screaming need for love, and that hapless hunger for a bit more happiness, permiate the media buzz of CNN and our own inner guile.

There is in my life a few rules I cling to. Money is essential yet essentially flawed. Time with friends, particularly in the pursuits of poignant and pleasurable growth, out paces anything I've experienced from within the citadels of commerce. My children teach me love. Learning carries more rewards than knowing.

I am responsible for all that I feel and feel all my responsibility with the dedicated steadfast fortitude of a persevering pilgrim. I am a survivor, steward and strong enough to do it in style. Weatherworn in an ecologically inclined and psychologically refined ache of the heart... I am doing fine, thank you.

How are you? Is there anything I could say to make it easier?
RL Seltman on his son's birthday 10/19/2003

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