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What's with the name...

Dalando, Kai & Zen present our snapshots of Varuni'sOutback Australia A Cosmic Walkabout 2002

I turn off all the electronic Jazz here in my room... to help bring me back into the space we had with Michael in Bali and with Varuni and Rafo in Australia. How long had it been, before this recent adventure, since I experienced a night with no light and sound pollution? No street lights, 'handy' phones, no emergency vehicles slicing through my sub conscious... Only a vast wilderness of energy, emerging from the soil and reaching up to a blanket of brilliant stars. How long since I had slept on the ground, feeling the tilt of the earth, feeling terra firma in my bones?

We are dead all too often, in our heads here in la la land, where words rule half actions, half felt emotions, as we barely notice time slipping through our shaky fingers, down the dirty drain, forever. In Australia we began to remember... pure sand under naked toes... the texture of discomfort as we adjust to a reality un-shielded... air that spoke truth by its absences... no smog nor computer hum, no predictable patterns of nicotine, caffeine, nor our precious creature comforts... the softness was stolen and replaced with the delicious hard fuck of what things are when they are set free to just be.

With Michael on Bali we landed in paradise park with everyday a Sunday. The roar of our ego-throated opinions chopped away by Michael's mighty sword... Swish! as the blade severed our heads... opening our Kundalini track to the ephemeral nectar of no thought... We were all high... alone linked to alone in a vibrant transcendence of erotic and psychotic trivia... a place for bliss with no strings... loose like balloons, floating in a perfumed wave germinated from a thousand blossoms.

Michael was there to be magician... there was in Bali all the ingredients needed to change me from frog to prince and then back into a profoundly happy mammal. Michael placed subtle streams of possibilities in my reach, which I clung to and then followed, through a myriad of obstacles... tasting... then drinking... then deliciously drowning in an altered space... simply normal... known here, in my Japan, as 'satori'.

The possibility of first an outback in the luscious wilds of the last frontier Australia, with the gifted guardian of honest living, Varuni... and then to tumble into the earth's last surviving artisan culture Bali, with MB... has got to be the best holiday any man and his two kinder could ever wonder into... thank you Reiko for the push. I recommend this experiential trail to all well Geesed pilgrims. You have nothing to lose but your head, no where to fall but up. Bliss is closer than you think.
Lov-e Dalando