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The Dilemma of Fat at Fifty

A dietary supplment of free information

The concluding paragraph of an article written years ago:

"...Yet after all is said and done, I still want to weigh what I did when I was happier than I am today... otherwise death at 60 might just be the only cure for obesity. It worked for Mom, dying was the way she won the war with her body. I don't like saying that, but I'm bored with the struggle, bored with the way obesity takes its toll in the later years, bored with being told what I know already. I am fat."

Observations on Obesity
by Robert L. Seltman
Kansai Time Out Magazine December 1997 and revised for publishing 2005

Robert L. Seltman

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Photographs of Dalando in thinner times

Why would anyone want to put their diet on the web?

Why anyone else would, I'm not sure. It feels to me to be a completely narcissistic mundane past time of questionable merit. But then again, I'm not just anyone. I'm desperate. Frustrated because I am a widower in his fifties who wants a lover, who doesn't want to die from fat related diseases, and who is sickened by his own image. What have I got to lose?
If you are interested in this great modern irony, a prosperous and perspiring middle class father dieing under the weight of his own middle, welcome to Dalando's Dietary Supplement... becoming beautiful for the grand finale.

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