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What's with the name...Dalando?

Dalando's Dharma Deli
An Internet Portal for New Age Baby Boomers
in Mid-life Crisis

When we surf into a New-Age deli... into this online convenience store for spiritual needs, what do we want? Are we just lurking for some delicious distraction from our weary ways? What can we hope to find here?

There is community... links to kindred spirits, out there and in here, in the collective conscious of the wild wild web... There are links here for seekers, peekers, and Dharma Bums on the bus to 'Being Here Now.' Here is a hole in the Earth catalogue of options, all free for considering. Nothing more nor less than a fellow seeker sharing a subjective suggestion or two.

2006, God I am just happy to be alive. Yet I live in terror. For starters, I am terrified the stock market will crash and leave my teen children with nothing more than their wits to survive. There are signs of foreboding. Our oil consumption and all its horrifying political implications. You see, I have my family riding on the dubious snow board of mutual funds, if the market goes...

I feel palpitations in my chest and worry that I am a heart attack waiting to happen. I have all the signs, over weight, out-of-shape, living a sedimentary life... As a single father of two young teens, living in a foreign land infamous for its lack of compassion, who will carry on, who will give my children their TLC.

To the west, a short ballistic range away, is China. The ancestral home land of my first wife, where we have watched the Red Guard re-emerge, carrying briefcases and stollen intelligence. China born-again as a manic menace of capitalistic terror, leaning left on Tibet, right toward Taiwan... a million-man army waiting to live out Mao's prophecy of sacrifice to the State.

In my beloved America there is a foreboding nod to pragmatic fascism. We recognize our sins, at least subconsciously, and so feel threatened. We are vulnerable because our greed marks us as less than deserving the freedoms of advantage we cling to. How can we be free and others too? How many monkeys can this tree carry? We sure up our boarders by tossing our feces on those below. It is hell to be hated when we believe ourselves to be the holy warriors of self-evident righteousness.

As Republicans we are the enemy of the high road, yet as Liberals we flounder rudder-less in a sea of disappointments. We know we lack spiritual vision, yet shutter at the thought of Japan's Aum Shinrikyo subway Serin gassing, Usama Bin Laden Holier-than-thou homicides, and the million-and-one reasons why Fundamentalists of our own heritage faith poison the well, in our American village.

Is it any wonder why I reach toward the esoteric, the ambiguous, the mysterious for alternative insights? The simple purity of the Christ love I knew as a child, the warm embryonic safety of a prosperous post-war America, and later to the vibrant hope of an alternative free-love America. Peace and Love slipped into sexy diseases, designer drugs, and rock-n'roll relics parading about as proof of our stupidity... Dipping further to Republican materialism, shielding our lies with self-deceit, our consumer culture druged now on decadent delusions of happiness and TV. We are the witnesses to rappers, our prodigal off-spring, exposing values we can only recognize as our own... fast cars, faster women, fastest money... vastly over-rating the speed lane approach to eventual decay.

A decay we know all too well, as Baby Boomers in mid-life crisis... doing the math, and knowing we are closer to death than we are wiling to say out loud. A decay we witness with visits to doctors we can no longer afford, nor care to listen to. A decay dancing in our eyes as ecological warning signs are buried under the real-world politics of Global Warming, Oil Wars, and unrelenting guilt. We have buttered our bed and now must die in it.

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"What are the quintessential characteristics I seek?"or to put it bluntly "What do I really want from all this?"

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