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"When the community centers of spiritual guidance lose touch, with the experiential hungers of their flock, enlightened shepherd and charismatic wolves begin to prey." New Age Guru Spiritual Insight or Rehashed Dribble? Read More

About Dalando's Dharma Deli
is pseudonym and alter ego for the Daddy of the Deli, Robert L. Seltman's "Wild Goose" name. Given by the delightful crazy wisdom teacher Michael Barnett, the name represents the "home within" or as Michael put it "the ultimate home."

is a shop of delights, for a New Yorker a place to find both nourishment and pleasure.

Dharma, the teaching and laws of life, is an Asian philosophical term that suggests that there is in fact 'wisdom' at the core of life. As a young man, I was often fond of asking "Is wisdom just a myth?" Now that I am a parent and teacher I am asked to be a provider of this mythical wisdom throughout the day. Yet the verdict is still out. Is wisdom a myth, are there truths to live by?

Dalando's Dharma Deli is a collection of resources in the realm of the spiritual, practical, and philosophical. A virtual stop to come and get a morsal to munch on, a cup of well brewed thoughts to sip slowly, or that proverbial pickle to ponder, as we dash off to our next great adventure. Wouldn't it be nice to have a Dharma Deli on every corner?

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