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The Spirit of Raving

The Importance of Indigenous Knowledge

Santo Daime
"This is the Internet presence of the Brazilian
RainForest's Spiritual Path, the Santo Daime
Doctrine. We praise the sun, the moon and
the stars, calling for a life closer to God's
nature and tuned with the human virtues of
Harmony, Love, Truth and Justice."
Santo Daime - The Rainforest's Doctrine
"United Communities of Spirit
is a global interfaith network,
linking people of diverse faiths and beliefs
who want to work with others to build a better world."
The Bahai Faith
Now in its 157th year, this world faith numbers some six million followers who recognize Baha'u'llah as God's Messenger to humanity for this age."

"What our Great Gurus Preached, Practiced and Lived is our Sikh Religion. The purpose of the incarnation of the Gurus, their Life Samples and cause for which they Died is our Glorious Religion - Sikhism."

USC Muslim Student Association Islamic Server

"Tantra, or more properly tantrika, is a diverse and rich spiritual tradition of the Indian sub-continent. Although in recent years, in the Western world, it has become almost exclusively associated with sex, in reality this is one aspect of what is a way of life. In India itself, tantra is now, nearly always, associated with spells and black deeds. Neither of these views is correct, and each wildly underestimates the wide-ranging nature of the different traditions."
Mandalas on the Web

Ayurveda Traditional Indian Medicine

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