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What's with the name...

Michael Barnett activating Dalando's Goose Spot at a workshop in France.

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These are communities, often growing spontaneously from the leadership of a dynamic personality, providing a new life perspective resonating for all who venture in. There are usually rings of involvement, from people who have read the literature and find it interesting, to those who choose discipleship, a willingness to allow the Master's essence to fully penetrate.
Taking teachers that seriously is a big step.
But a step recommended by many of the heavy weights in the expansive history of spiritual, economic, and political movements.

In truth, most of us are lead around by our senses, in a nonsensical dance of consummerism and workaholic frenzy. We work, we consume, and we die, never fully taking the time to ask where are we going and why. So, from time to time, exceptional souls rise above the mirky masses and try and point us a way. Some are crack pots, others packaged fruitcakes, but inevitably there is someone special. Someone we can believe, someone who has a clue well worth investigating.

Some of this is obvious, like water, air, and sadness. But we forget even the obvious truths in life, and need a group of kind friends to help us, up and out of the holes we have dug in our quest for treasure.Take what you will and leave the rest, there is plenty here for everyone.

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