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Dearest Wild Geese

Our little retreat estate in Bali experientially is a crystal clear pond. A soft luxurious haven gently recessed within the most vibrant cultural apex on earth. Bali is where all religions meet and manifest as art, sensuality, and warm open-hearted affection. There is a continual pearl string of good eating, sun worshipping, and the on-going song and scent of the maids of Mer. Life is again confirmed as essence, enough to sustain even the most dour urban recluse for months back in the grey cities.

Energy is flushed through the veins and sinew as Michael leads the orchestra of birds, waves, frogs, and breezes. We make love continuously with the bubbling young and the bright eyed brethren. Uplifted in the chalice of euphoria, we drink from the holy grail of eternal rapture. We restore our wretched hides back to our natural glisten and then we are gently tucked back into our planes as pilgrims, returning from the mecca of Mu. We go home happy, bringing smiles with our silk and pearls, as sensual tokens for our loved ones. We bring salvation back into the world of persistent woes with the gift of good example.

Bali with Michael, Varuni, and our beloved community reminds us happiness is, and all in balance heals. To miss this would be truly a sin to our own goddess of possibility.

In Bali all roads lead to oneself.
Love always


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