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Atheism in Asia


Atheist Websites


Podcasts: audio periodicals for the skeptical
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Freedom From Religion Foundation
Dan Baker and Annie Laurie Gaylord
A weekly show, broadcast live from Madison, WA. On 92.1 FM. Hosted by Dan Baker and Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-presidents , Freedom from Religion Foundation.
8 years of programming on Faith and Free thought. Covers philosophy and religious history, often in debate form.
Skeptoid is a weekly show taking an incisive, critical look at pop culture phenomena and pseudoscientific beliefs.
Featuring Skeptic of the Century James Randi.
Point of Inquiry of the Center for Inquiry
This is a comprehensive program for one of the largest communities of skeptical thinkers featuring many established scientists and thinkers.
Skepticality - Science and Revolutionary Ideas; Official Podcast of Skeptic Magazine. Hosted by Derek and Swoopy
Relevant, under reported current events, as well as in-depth discussions from a scientific, critical, skeptical and humorous point of view.
Weekly reading group and their discussions on the recent intellectual return to Atheism.

Hitchens and Dawkins short clips from Point of Inquiry

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