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The Price of Atheism; ABC 20/20 special on Atheism.

In my life time, we have seen the 'coming out' of an entire race. One powerful and positive exclamation by an oppressed minority "I am Black and I am Proud" and we 'white toast' Americans soon learned to sit down, shut up, and listen.

A silent majority, woman-kind, in this same life time, has taken male domination by the balls.

The social phenomena of 'coming out of the closet' has taught us that people, we know and love, could, in fact, be 'gay'... And, worthy of rights and respect... despite what our Bible-touting ministers repeatedly whispered in our ears as children.

'Coming out' has exposed us to a difficult truth. People our religion had educated us to hate, to suppress, to fear... are in fact our equal. And they are everywhere, expecting recognition and consideration.

So, what of the atheist, that statistical 'bottom of the heap' on most least-liked lists? The Bible, as the mighty Koran, has several declarations which have colored our predjudices toward our infidel the non-believer.
The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds, there is none that does good. (Psalms 14.1) Even our compassionate loving Jesus said non-believers will be thrown 'into the furnace of fire' where 'men will weep and gnash their teeth,' just as 'the weeds are gathered and burned with fire...' (Matthew 13. 40-42)

Pretty scary stuff. No wonder it took this Catholic child over fifty years to even consider the Atheist's perspective. But, just as it took proud and powerful black men and women to shake me out of my stupor and cultural naivete, the times they are a changing. We have a new era of articulate and persistent 'skeptics' nailing messages to our cathedral's door.

Atheism has come out of the closet. A bounty of colorful spokes-persons have embraced the cause of 'cause-less-ness'. Men and women, with points worth pondering, have taken on the impossible task of defending a negative.

After thousands of years of assuming belief by faith alone, people are again both asking and answering difficult questions. Once considered taboo, our treasured assumptions are now fair game.

To be part of these times, one is expected to consider even the most dangerous of no-no's, i.e. 'Maybe, there is no God'.

God's Song by Randy Newman

This work is a brief introduction to the extensive body of information now readily available through contemporary sources on the non-belief in God. These includes internet-video, previewed web-pages, narrated books and audio-podcasts, related periodicals, and selected popular and academic bound books, all accessible on the internet, either for free or purchase, for our immediate intellectual gratification.

These pages by no means exhaust this topic... But, hopefully, will introduce enough provocative material to make any red-blooded Homo-sapien a worthy 'devil's advocate,' at his or her next friendly meeting of minds. Enjoy, unless enjoying such blasphemy would be a sin in your sect. In that case, please, simply consider another point of view.


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