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"Kyoto Christian Day School"
a humble beginning.

It was late in 1957 when the missionary families were informed that the American Dependent School in Kyoto would be closed and the personnel sent to other locations. This would necessitate each mother teaching her children at home.

At this time, the missionaries from the various groups met to discuss the possibility of a Day School.

The Presbyterian Board made the large two story house on Ichijo-dori available and in September, 1958, the Evangelical Free Church provided the first full time teacher. In 1960 the school Board employed another teacher to join the staff. Besides these, mothers and fathers from each mission gave their time to teach a grade or subject, thus creating a staff of four or more teachers.
Grades 1-8 were represented during the '58-'59 school year and 28 were enrolled. The next year there were 27 in grades 1-6. A seventh grade was added in the '60-'61 year making the number of students 30. Again in '61-'62 there were only six grades and the enrollment reached 35.

Because Kyoto has always been the cultural and art center of Japan, many families come here for a year of special study. This is as true now as it was then and like now there were always a diversity of families outside the missionary community attending the school.
These photos are from the school scrapbook for 1961-62.

Miss Shirley Pilcher was Principal back then, working with Miss Judy Garrett.
Like now KIS ran on parent power. Helping parents back then were
Mrs. Craighill,
Mrs. Daub,
Mrs. Koch,
Mrs. Oliver,
Mrs. Prins,
Mrs. Satterwhire,
Mrs. Thurber,
Mrs. Urabe, and Mrs. Yamamoto.

Students 1961-62

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